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Core Courses

English - In our English classes students will be learning content and topics based on the Common Core State Standards. Students will be reviewing the different genres of literature as well as practicing different writing exercises. Students will develop literacy analysis skills, with particular emphasis on character development and critical thinking. Students will continue to develop writing expository and analytical essays about literature and non-fiction texts, to practice the fundamentals of writing, conventions, research, and speaking on academic level. 
Math  - Our math curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards. The program is designed to build student proficiency of the various math standards and concepts. We will use various techniques and resources to educate students in becoming mathematically proficient.  Emphasis is given to teaching students to think mathematically and solve problems in order to push their understanding and abilities to use mathematics beyond simple repetition and memorization.  Developing a positive attitude about mathematics is another key goal of the curriculum.
ScienceOur science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards. The lessons and the program is designed to give students an in depth knowledge about earth, physical and life science. Lessons will be created to assist students and building their conceptual understanding of the world works. Students will review such topics as: living and non-living organism, functions of a cell, interacting subsystems, animal and plant kingdoms, genetics, cycling of water through Earths systems, weather and air masses, transfer of energy, as well as how human beings impact all Earths systems. Students will learn these various concepts through classroom discussions, experiments, projects, as well as their own self-discovery through research.
History - Our history lessons are based upon California State Standards. Our teachers will take students on a trip back in time to relive significant events that has helped to mold the world into what it is today. They will learn about ancient Egypt, India, and China. Students will also learn how migration played a role in the construction of America. Our scholars will also learn about slavery, The creation of The United States Constitution, Americas involvement in the various world wars,as well as the countless individuals who have created change in the world.