Aspire Centennial College Preparatory Academy

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Our Team

Jesicah Rolapp - Principal
Marnie Kislinger - Assistant Principal
Mike McCoy - Assistant Principal
Rosario Lopez - Dean of Instruction 
Robert Gaona - Expanded Learning Director
Hannah Epstein - School Counselor
Ana Rosas - School Counselor 
Maria Martinez - Office Manager
Angelica Carrillo - Office Assistant
Grace Sotelo - Office Assistant
Rocio Carrillo - Family Coordinator
Courtney Dimick - Psychologist 
Natalie Paredes - Mental Health Counselor 
Alfredo Barragan - Campus Monitor
Roberto Franco - Campus Monitor 
Jessie Carrillo - Blended Learning Teaching Assistant 
LaDiamond Parker - Instructional Aide
Viviana Delgado - Instructional Aide
Rubi Oregon - Instructional Aide
Denise Arias - Instructional Aide
Ana Ayala - Instructional Aide
Gladis Padilla - Instructional Aide 
Michelle Piceno - Instructional Aide
Elena Garcia - Cafeteria Staff
Vicky Stavrakis - Cafeteria Staff 
Ricardo Vargas - Custodian
Alice Harlow - 6th Grace Humanities
Fernando Ibarra - 6th Humanities 
Jillian Eichenaur - 6th Grade Math
Evelyn Flores - 6th Grade Math and Science
Rebecca Freed - 7th/8th Grade Math
Daniel Gil - 7th/8th Grade Math
Contessa Cannaday - 7th Grade Science
Sonia Webster - 7th/8th Grade Science
Jessica Kiang - 7th/8th Grade English
Veronica Garcia - 7th/8th Grade English
Danny Perez - 7th/8th Grade English
Phillip Kim - 7th/8th Grade History 
Nancy Degante - 7th/8th Grade History
Aida Ahmed - 8th Grade Science
Jeannette Vasquez - 8th Grade History 
Jaime Moran - 8th Grade Math
Noe Cabrera - Lead Education Specialist
Sandy Aguilar - Education Specialist
Adrian Escobar - Education Specialist
Maria Rodriguez - Education Specialist
Victoria Guzman - Education Specialist
Yessenia Hernandez - SPED Instructional Aide
Raul Fajardo - SPED Instructional Aide 
Omar Gomez - Technology